How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

Tips for Erasing Your Online Footprint

Let’s face it, there are a lot of ways in which we depend on the internet. The majority of our day is spent using our internet connections to check social media or write emails to potential customers. Call Xfinity Customer Support to get the best internet service Xfinity provides.

But do you know that our digital footprint is stays permanent, from social media profiles to online shopping accounts? However, you can delete yourself from the internet in just a few steps.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to remove your digital footprint so that your privacy is not compromised. Let’s dive in!

Tips for Erasing Your Online Footprint

If you’ve been online for a long time, it’ll be difficult to erase your digital footprint and disconnect from the web. It’s common practice to relinquish ownership of information when posting it online. Although the property technically remains in your possession, controlling who gets access to it and for what purpose is extremely challenging.

Knowing what you’ve already shared online is the first step in the time-consuming process of cleaning up your online presence.

Extraction of Information by Scraping

The practice of “data scraping” has developed into a multi-billion dollar market, with corporations collecting and reselling user data. Getting your information removed from their systems may be next to impossible, but we’ll go over some of the options you have.

Previous Records

Finding the accounts you use often and deleting, masking, or hiding them is a breeze. But what about accounts from sites that no longer exist? If you find them, will you be able to erase them all?


Consider the scenario in which you remove a profile page. It may take some time for that page (and your data) to be completely removed from search engine results. the’s because they might have saved the information in their caches for use in future searches.

Scrubbing the internet is difficult, but it’s within your legal rights. We’ll cover the whole process in detail.

Delete Online Shopping and Social Media Accounts



To delete your accounts, follow these steps:

Close your Facebook and Amazon Accounts

It’s a tedious process to completely erase one’s digital footprint. Start with your various social media profiles. The firms behind these platforms collect and store your data, and Google often displays your social profiles at the top of search results.

Remove Yourself from All Social Media Sites

Delete your social media account by clicking on the links below to access specific instructions. If you want to erase your digital footprint, you can begin using the resources provided here. You’ll keep building a digital footprint and collecting information so long as you keep posting to these profiles.

Get Rid of Your Online Dating, Shopping, and Other Profiles

In this context, social media is only a small part. You can also use our instructions for canceling subscriptions to online stores, dating services, and other websites.

Advice from the Experts

You can ask businesses to delete your record from their systems by getting in touch with them directly. Some businesses may need some time to fulfill such requests. But generally speaking, your wish shall be granted. There are also intermediary firms, such as Incogni, that will contact these organizations on your behalf.

Deleting Your Information From Online Services



It’s simple to close an account. Next, you should begin cleaning up and auditing websites, such as data broker sites, that store your information. The first step is to compile a list of all the online platforms you’ve interacted with in the past. Several key points are listed below.

Stop Running Your Own Websites keeps track of any domains you’ve purchased in the past. Perhaps you’ve used WordPress’s no-cost blog service in the past. Review your email registrations and shut down any associated websites.

Detox from online discussion groups

If you delete your account on some discussion boards, your posts may also be deleted. However, this is not always the case. To delete any traces of your original message, use the search option to locate your previous postings, and then replace it with a simple dot. Verify that your information has not been shared elsewhere on the internet. If they were, you should request that the sender removes them. The final step is to cancel your subscription.

Make Use of Search Engines

Check your sources using search engines. If you type your name, phone number, or email address into Google, you could be surprised to find postings and accounts you had forgotten about. If you want to know if there is anything else to get rid of, take a good look at these Google search results.

Turn Down Information Brokers

Data brokers can make a lot of money by scraping the internet for people’s personal information and then selling it. If you have a lot of time and lots of coffee, you can begin manually opting out of data brokers one by one. You can choose not to participate in data collecting by sending an email to or filling out a pre-made form from organizations like BeenVerified, Acxiom, and PeopleFinder.

Final Thoughts

The only way to truly disconnect from the web is to never use it again. If you’re not interested in disappearing entirely from the internet, you can control how much of your information is made public.

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