4 Crucial Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Functional

Adding functionality to your bathroom counts more than improving its aesthetics. To have a satisfying bathing experience, you must focus on the most crucial things to do.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can make your bathroom more functional, so let’s enumerate each one with great concentration.

1. Invest in the Shower & It’s Custom Enclosure

As 60% of homeowners prioritize showering in traditional bathtubs, thinking about tub-to-shower conversion will best meet your bathing needs. Not only that, but a Custom-Made Shower Enclosure also serves at its best.

So, instead of hanging traditional shower curtains, investing in the shower and its enclosure offers a much more functional bathing choice. You can’t do it by yourself, so consult with a professional contractor who will install a shower with a personalized enclosure with dedication.

2. Add Conveniences & Safety Aspects

When it comes to adding conveniences to your bathroom, mirrored medicine cabinets are a more functional and dual-purpose solution. These cabinets help keep bathroom essentials out of sight and mind, enhancing your bathroom’s beauty and depth and offering the additional storage that you need most.

On the other hand, adding conveniences also contributes to safety aspects. If your bathroom tiles are slippery, place a bath mat to stand on. If the electrical wiring gets exposed at some point, call a professional electrician to resolve this life-threatening issue. However, if there’s radon in tap water, look for radon mitigation servicing so that you can have a safe bathing experience.

3. Upgrade Light Fixtures

Mostly, upgrading the bathroom’s light fixtures is ignored, but the most powerful way to make it a more functional space. If the bathroom is lit poorly, it may feel more small, congested, and cold. So, your everyday chores, such as makeup and hygiene more time-consuming and unpleasant.

Think about installing new vanity well-lit by sconce lighting that will make it more spacious, inviting, and less time-consuming to perform mundane tasks. So, replace the old fixtures if they cast dark or distracting shadows around the room. Install new-style mirrors and lighting that complement or best match your hardware.

4. Paint the Walls & Cabinets

Always opt for a shade of white, ivory, or cream, as these shades reflect the maximum natural light for your after-awaking mirror routine. Soft pink paint can offer you a flattering flush of color without the need to apply blush.

On the contrary, bold, bright wall colors may cast unattractive reflections on your skin. Blues can make a mountain out of molehill under-eye circles or bring out blemishes by contrast, while green can give you a sickly pallor. That’s why light and neutral colors are commonly the best bet for you.

So, it’s advisable to look for popular mold-resistant paints and primers at your nearby home improvement store. What’s more, the cabinets’ paint colors are bright and more energetic, which will add an extra boosting effect to your bathroom. So, be sure to contrast wall paint with cabinet paint in terms of bright and light shades,


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